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Stonehouse Tablet are a specialist, industrial tablet manufacturing company which blends, manufactures and packages tablets to each individual customer's specific requirements.
Industrial tableting

The company was formed in the early 1900's to market a new invention, a tablet used in the soaking of dried peas, which remains today as our only "own brand" product. Diversification over time now finds us as a market leader in the tableting of a wide variety of substances, with established long term relationships with some of the UK 's leading companies and Governmental Departments.

Over the years, Stonehouse Tablet have co-developed and subsequently manufactured on a contract basis, a broad range of products, including: Herbal Horse Treats; Camden Tablets; Chlorine Tablets; Aromatherapy Bath Tablets; Petrol Additive Tablets; Chemical Indicator Tablets; Fertilizer Tablets; Garden Pond Tablets, Salt Tablets; Cockroach Repellent Tablets; Water Softening Tablets; Stain Remover Tablets; Beer Fining Tablets, even tablets to help ensure the correct pressure in a tennis ball! Indeed today we produce arguably the world's most environmentally friendly, safe and simple to handle, general disinfection system, in the world.

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