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Why Tablet

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Today's increasingly affluent customer is demanding more and more from their products, with very often ‘ease of use' being of equal, or greater importance than ‘value for money', in the decision making process. This trend is evident in a whole host of products: the ready pack meal; the disposable paint tray and roller; the off the shelf sandwich and perhaps the most relevant – the washing powder tablet!

By offering an existing product, but in a tablet form, the potential benefits for the innovative company can be tremendous.

Health & Safety

Due to the solid nature of tablets, they often represent a significantly reduced health hazard for the operator:

  • The end user need never come into direct contact with the active material.
  • A greatly reduced risk of spillage. Should one occur, the potential harm is in turn measurably lower.
  • The practical elimination of risk from leakage. Unlike fine powders or liquids, solid tablets are unlikely to leak.

Environmentally Friendly

A tablet provides a simple method of ‘dosing', thus removing the tendency of operators to overdose when pouring out a liquid or scooping out some powder.

  • Less wastage thus more cost effective
  • Less wastage thus less harmful to the environment

Convert waste material

With the cost of disposing of chemicals becoming increasingly more expensive, companies are seeking ways of reducing their waste bill. Stonehouse Tablet has worked with a number of national chemical companies, effectively re-processing waste and pressing into a tablet, often for a niche market. Not only has this helped to reduce their out goings, it has also generated an income stream.

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