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Stonehouse Tablet believe in total flexibility of service, allowing our customers to tailor the contract to suit their strengths and weaknesses. Some customers prefer to out-source the whole contract, relying on the expertise of Stonehouse Tablet to: purchase the raw materials and packaging materials; to blend the powder; to press the powder into tablets; to package the tablets and finally, to arrange the shipment of those tablets. Other customers prefer to draw only on Stonehouse Tablets experience of pressing industrial tablets, delivering a pre-blended powder to our works in Nottingham and collecting theManufacturing Industrial Tablets pressed tablets, in bulk a few days later.


We have the capacity to blend high volumes of different powders / granules to your exact formulation, from 1 kilo up to 1000 tonnes.


We can advise on formulation, for tableting purposes, cost implications as regards tablet size / weight to insure a good quality, cost effective, end product. Our tableting machines allow a wide range of tablets to be manufactured:

From:diameter = 5mm / weight = 25 milligrams
To: diameter = 75mm / weight = 150gms

Our standard tooling provides a wide variety of size / weight combinations as well as a variety of tablet appearance options such as: flat faced, beveled edged etc. If we do not have tooling required to meet your exact requirements, we will purchase the necessary tooling, assuming volumes are sufficient.


The packaging options are limitless and can be divided into two categories:

1. Wrapping
We have the facility to wrap tablets with the wrapper consisting of a host of different materials. For specialist applications we have a plastic film wrap that dissolves in water, leaving no residue, which means your customers need never come into direct contact with the tablet.

2. Containers
From pre-printed plastic tubs and cardboard case through to stitched polythene bags. Our specialist packaging department uses Weighpack machines to ensure that exactly the required amount of product is put into each container, or in the case of some specialist applications the tablets are packed by hand.

Quality Control

Our standard quality control procedures includes: checking the weights of tablets to ensure they fall within the correct range; checking the weight of tubs to ensure they fall within range; checking the labeling / batch coding and closure of tubs and cases. If our customers desire we can undertake a whole range of chemical tests / analysis, to ensure that the formulation falls within the agreed range.

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