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Chlorine Tablet

Chlorine tabletsThe health & safety, environmental benefits and stability of chlorine tablets, when compared to liquid bleach, are well document and go some way to explain the tremendous increase in the usage of chlorine tablets.

Stonehouse Tablet have manufactured Chlorine release tablets for over 30 years and our expertise allows us to formulate a tablet to meet your exact needs:

Sizes:  5mm diameter - 75mm diameter

Weights:  50mg - 150g

Strength:  From a nominal amount of active up to 99% active

Dissolution:  Fast dissolving ‘fizzing’ tablets, or slow release tablets.

Chlorine tablet
chlorine tablets
chlorine tablets
Chlorine tablets
If you would like a comparative quote please contact us, or alternatively send a sample tablet / packaging to our works and we will analyse the tablet and provide a like for like quotation:

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