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Why Stonehouse

Our experienceIndustrial tableting

What sets Stonehouse Tablet apart from many other tableting operation, such as pharmaceutical tableting companies, is that we are specialists in the manufacturer of industrial tablets.

Pharmaceutical applications usually contain a tiny percentage of active agent and a large percentage of an inert carrier, the carrier being a material that lends itself well to being tableted.

Industrial applications tend to require minimal contamination of the active agent, ideally the tablet should be manufactured using 100% active agent. This presents new problems as the active agent might well not be a material that tablets easily, this is where we come in. Seventy -plus 70 years of experience, with all types of material has enabled us to fine tune our plant, which now enables us to make tablets where others have failed.

Our confidentiality

As a contractor we appreciate the need to treat all our customers dealings with the utmost confidentiality. Although we manufacturer tablets for a number of well known international organisations and have done for many years, we cannot tell you who. Our customers business is our customers business and they value our discretion highly. Industral tablet manufacture

Our service

We can't promise we can make your tablets, we can't promise we can make that delivery tomorrow but we can promise that we will keep our word. It goes without saying that we always strive to meet our customers requirements and when we give a delivery date, we deliver on that date. We value the concept of a successful customer/ supplier partnership and it is for this reason above all others that has help us to build so many long term relationships with our customers.

Cost effective

If you want to buy cheap then the chances our we probably can't be of assistance BUT if you want to buy the "best value" then please get in contact.
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